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I'm Jacqueline Martin, Classical Pilates teacher, trainer and facilitator. Classical Pilates will give you awareness of what your body is saying to you. Your body has an innate intelligence and ability to heal itself. I'll teach you to reconnect to yourself holistically, in your mind, body & spirit - along with your environment. And I'll teach you how to create real change inside and out with Classical Pilates.
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Finding purpose through flow + movement

With nature we will practice outside, where being in nature is our surrendering.

Nature is grounding and calming. The body becomes alive and more open.

Less thinking, more moving. Nature is healing, as it wakes up all of our senses.

On a cold day, Joe Pilates used to practice wearing only his shorts, as he believed that the skin needs to be in contact with the true elements in able to feel. With movement and breath, we feel the internal heat building… too much clothing doesn’t allow the skin to breathe.

Here are the elements we will work with: 


Moving like water and feeling the flow of the practice with mat and reformer workouts. Here we will focus on flow, control and breath.


Tune into your body awareness and listen to your breath. Feeling the mat beneath you while practicing the mat and reformer repertoire. Discovering where the support comes from and your anchors. * If weather permits these mat workouts will be in nature, feeling the ground & sun.


Here you will be encouraged to tap into your natural grace and strength inspired by the movements of animals. This powerful practice will bring out the primal instinct in you. Joe Pilates spent hours watching cats move. Pilates is about moving freely with ease and control so that you can enjoy life to its fullest potential.


In this practice, you will use focus and concentration with how your body is moving on that day. We will use focus techniques in your practice without external distractions, to gain a sense of confidence on which exercises to choose for your personal program.


In this practice, we focus on using your intuition to let go and trust the work to take care of your body.

The body knows how to heal. Trust it.

Moving through your practice will create animal like movements that we can explore. We will focus on the breath and movement without creating tension in the body – by just letting it be. Remember, practice is not about perfection, it’s about purpose. Purpose to live a full life. Through the flow and movement, your body will feel a sense of being in water… going with the current going downstream not upstream, releasing all expectations.


Through the practice your mind will stay present to what is going on without judging, imposing, or expecting. The focus is in the now, which we need in life, as only in the now that things happen. We will elevate the wellbeing of spirit, of wanting to live life to its fullest, creating awareness in the body, and listening to the body as the body knows best.


Pilates will give you self-confidence, self-esteem to make clear decisions and know what your needs are. To choose the right foods and to feel energies… to become a better you!

Pilates will raise your awareness of what your body is saying to you. Sometimes, when we feel discomfort and crankiness, it is for you to listen to. It is like peeling the layers of an onion – the more you deepened the work the more your body will reveal things to you that maybe you have forgotten, and maybe it’s time to look at them again.