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Pilates v.s. Yoga: What’s the Difference? I have been asked this question often: Is yoga the same as pilates? Should I do yoga or pilates? Here in this article, I answer this question.
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Pilates v.s. Yoga: What’s the Difference?

Pilates v.s. Yoga: What’s the Difference?

I have been asked this question often:

Is yoga the same as Pilates? Should I do yoga or Pilates?

From what I have learned from The Work with Jay Grimes, who was taught by Joe himself, is that Yoga takes you out of your body and Pilates brings you into your body.  That, I truly believe. I used to teach power yoga and I always took people on journeys where they escaped the real world and their problems – including my own. I would facilitate long meditations at the end of the practice, where I would read, or tell stories, and they always came back for more. I took two years of Ashtanga Yoga and I got stronger yes. Committed to 4 days a week plus my own practice and I was able to start looking within and staying with what was going on during the poses. It is since The Work and allowing my body to just move and move and move, that I started to go deep within. Like peeling an onion, I went for it. In one year I did a 180 degree turn, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I saw more and wanted less. I felt more and became more alive. Listening to my intuition always, and allowing the flow of life to just run through my veins.

All my life I was running away from everything – from disappointment from betrayal, from headaches, from life. When I started competing in Triathlons and Ironman, it was perfect. Running away from a relationship that I was no longer in love with. Then when I discovered boxing in 2013 I started to look at myself. My fears. My issues. And I realized that boxing will make you look within same as the work of Pilates.


The other question is: Why is yoga more popular then?


Well first of all, most yoga places can ring in 40 plus people and yes much cheaper. So this allows people to have a daily regiment. But like an aspirin, like a drug, people will keep returning to keep escaping their realities.

Pilates is on a one-on-one private, and at first, more intimate environment and where the real work starts. With patience, consistency, and commitment, the body will change as well as the mind, the spirit, and the emotions.

This is when the real work starts. And amazing things will happen!

As a teacher of the classical work of Pilates, I guide each client to what is happening on that day, holding space for you. “Pilates is not taught”, Joe Pilates said this! It is guided… and it creates real change on the inside as well as the outside.


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