Foundation for Sports | Lineage Pilates
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Foundation for Sports

Enhance Your Performance With Lineage Pilates

Lineage Pilates Studio, Vancouver, BC.

Workshops + Retreats with Jacqueline Martin

Jacqueline retired after a successful triathlon career with top 5 finishes in 6 countries, top 2 in Ironman Canada, and top 20 at the Ironman World Championships. She searched for a way to share her training and fitness secrets and found Pilates to be the key… By 2015, She was accepted into the master mentorship program with the incomparable Jay Grimes, who was trained by Joe Pilates – she knew she had found her heart and passion.


  • Breaking your personal best
  • Feeling powerful
  • Being pain free
  • Experiencing peak performance
  • A faster recovery time

Injury prevention

Why Lineage Pilates can enhance your performance

  • Pilates helps you become more aware of the body
  • Better recovery after hard training and races
  • Enhances your performance with less training
  • Helps you gain strength and flexibility with efficiency
  • Helps realign the body through movement
  • Faster race times

Here’s what’s available when you work with Jacqueline:



Privates, groups, Skype and in-studio


Local and exotic locations around the world


Exclusive Teachers Training:
Coming January 2018


* * Receive a half price performance
assessment for only $125


Upcoming Workshop:

February 3rd, 2018, from 12-3 pm

To get on the wait list for upcoming Workshops + Retreats for Enhancing Triathletes, contact Jacqueline.

** Grab the printable brochure here >>