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Feedback + experiences from some recent clients

I just want to tell you that I can’t stop thinking about your workshop and you! It was an amazing experience. I am so happy and glad that I had this opportunity to meet you. You inspired me so much!! Thank you for that!! I wish I could spend more time with you to learn and learn… I will contact you about LA teachers email as we talked but it can wait for now as we have time – I’m traveling next year. ❤️❤️❤️– Maja Mulic Behmen (Poland Workshop)

I was going to write to you since Monday. Every tough thing I would like to do later. Sometimes it never comes. I thought it would be not good to me, so… I’m writing. I do it myself… So I wish you to understand what I mean.


First, thank you very much for all good words which I got from you. I went to the workshop cause I was curious who you are I didn’t know what I should expect to. I even don’t know what WORK and who JAY is. And I got so much! Lucky me. Thank you! ❤


It was very important workshop for me. First time, I met such a great pilates teacher! You are so effective on work you do! It’s fantastic! I regret that I didn’t buy a personal class.


You inspired me so much! It’s incredible! Your impact on me is already seen on my teaching. People say that they do the same exercises but I talk in different way, so they exercise on different way. I didn’t expect it would be so fast!


Last but not least, I really like the way you are. There is so much peace and positive energy inside you. It was a great pleasure to meet you. I’m lucky. It’s good that I could understand you. I regret that I can’t say to much on English. But now, I have a reason to learn English.


Thank You very much!!!
I’m grateful. 😘
– Agnieszka Glowacka (Poland Workshop)

Jacqueline’s quiet, enthusiastic and intuitive approach to pilates makes it a pleasure to take classes with her.  She is extremely committed to sharing her knowledge while cultivating one’s growth both within the practice and without.  I seem to have a breakthrough with each session which is both addicting and exciting.  She’s a game changer and it’s always a great workout.  – Michael Williams

I began Pilates because I was trying to find an activity that could help me recover from injuries I sustained in a car accident. Pilates gave me the strength and ability to enjoy exercise again. Jacqueline’s passion for what she does shines through and I feel very fortunate to be her student.  – Amanda Mary Joyce

Jacqueline is a dedicated passionate and committed teacher. Her respect for this work gives her the integrity and the deepness!  – Gloria Gasperi, classical teacher from Sarzania, Italy

I made a great connection this afternoon between tennis and Pilates! I was mis-hitting my serves and my coach said I was folding like an accordion on impact with the ball instead of reaching up. Right away I thought of Pilates and how we don’t ever want to shorten the distance between our ribs and waist. All of a sudden I was remembering the feeling of the stretch from the side bend on the box and the work on the barrel — that helped me to keep my reach and not lose that distance between my ribs and waist and made such an impact to my serves! It was awesome!  – Dathan Kwei

Jacqueline has been my pilates teacher for just over two years and not only have I changed immensely over that time, so has she. Her involvement with Jay Grimes has deepened her understanding of pilates and she passes that on every time she teaches.  Jacqueline is always so positive and encouraging and her ability to help her clients learn how to connect to their bodies is amazing. I am so grateful for all she has helped me to achieve so far and I am excited about where we are headed. I highly recommend Jacqueline.  – Trina Rowles

For me, Jacqueline is both the best kind of teacher and student. She has dedicated herself to learning classical Pilates at the highest levels and has a drive to always dig deeper, learn more and continually works towards being an even more accomplished teacher than she is today. She approaches her clients with an incredible mixture of enthusiasm, care and dedication. What a fabulous combination.     – Karen Frischmann, International Pilates Teacher Trainer

Every part of my body feels “connected”!! Yesterday was awesome thank you. P.S. I literally did a teaser in my sleep, gave my husband a heart attack!!    – Peggy Hazoulis

It’s Jacqueline’s coaching style, her sparkle, and her drive to bring out the best in others is what makes her my inspiration. There is just something magical about her that I can’t put into words.    – Sophia Van Norden

I highly recommend Jacqueline as a Pilates teacher. I have been a student of hers for the past 6 years and I very much look forward to each session with her. She has an excellent knowledge of the body, and of classical Pilates.  – Marnie Cotichini