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There’s a quote that goes, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Here I discuss my own journey on this path of both being a student and a teacher.
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When the Student is Ready

When the Student is Ready

There’s a quote that goes,  “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

Well, that is what happened to me when I was laying on the couch after a bad strain on my right low back after helping one of my client. Obviously, it was too much hands on, and my body wasn’t feeling strong anymore. That was July 1, 2014. On the couch after a great Rolfing session, I decided to truly listen to my body and started searching for more understanding of the work of Pilates. I wanted my strength back as I was too stretched out. My problem was in over stretching and not enough strengthening.  I was also missing in my practices and my teaching. Most of my classes I used to teach were too SLOW, too much tower and side bending and more mermaid etc. I needed a change – for my growth as a teacher AND for my body.

On July 1st I was looking at the three elders names and deciding which one would catch my attention. JAY GRIMES stood out instantly. It was like, yup, this is it… I want to work with Jay and how do I get to do that?  The next day I phoned Vintage Studio in L.A. and asked how to get into the process of The Work.

So Hee Soo at the time said to me just take some Skype sessions with some of the teachers and see if you can do the assessment. I agreed and I flew down to Vintage Studio and stayed for one week and took privates with all teachers and VP classes. I thought, “If I’m going to get in, I may as well go for it!” I was willing to spend money to get proper start of my training as I knew this was going to be challenging so she made me a specialized schedule for me to fly down the first week of September. I had private lessons and a VIP class all set up amongst the teachers clubhouse as there was a weekend workshop with Mejo and Jay Grimes.

As is stepped into Vintage Studio for my first lesson with Debbie Young, she kept telling me to close the carriage. Close the carriage. OMG.  I’d never been on GRATZ equipment in my life and bang I was so humbled! I was sweating, and thinking OMG this is going to be more challenging then any Ironman races ever were!

After Day 4 and 3-4 privates each day, I walked back to my hotel in tears. I was devastated. Nothing was right. Everything felt wrong. I was questioning my teaching and maybe I should just quit!!  So I gave in and went to the front desk to ask for a good Italian restaurant and a cab. I found one, sat by myself and had great service, a salad, glass of sauvignon blanc, a huge 16-ounce steak with Malbec, chocolate mousse cake with cognac and – BANG – I went back to my hotel room and crashed from an overindulgence of food and wine. The next day I got up with a renewed sense of determination and decided I HAD to do this! I am NOT QUITTING. So I went, and by the end of the week I asked Karen Frischmann and she advised me to just go home and do my homework and to come back in mid-November.


So I did.


I trained and trained. One Sunday, Ken, one of the instructors at Vintage, Skyped me, and we kept doing the long series – long stretch down, stretch up and up and down and repeatedly. Karen and Ken knew how to train me as I was this stubborn athlete that will never quit and after two months of training hard my body started to change. Bit by bit, I became stronger and more flexible. And with more strength came more flexibility. I knew then that this was for me because it challenged and strengthened me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

And so it was the start of my new PILATES JOURNEY with Jay Grimes in The Work.

So when teachers and clients asked me, “How did you find JAY?” or “How did you find The Work Master Mentorship Program?” When the student is ready the teacher will appear, and I followed my intuition.

I didn’t study the pros and cons or question The Work asking “why” – I just did!

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